Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well, today is the 2nd to last day of May, and I haven't posted in 3 weeks! It's been pretty crazy since I got home from Texas, and I haven't felt much like computing. On another note, I've been trying to use less of the internet and watch less tv. It seems that using the computer less has actually helped me to watch more tv, because I do that in its place. However, I really don't watch tv a lot more because I am working basically 2 jobs every day. By the way, having 3 jobs is not always what it seems! Anyway. My trip to Texas was awesome, and I wanted to stay there, but it obviously wansn't possible. I won't finish it tonight, but I'd like to share with you what happened on our trip.

The first day we got there,, we arrived around 5pm and spent the evening taking in the awesomeness of the city (driving to the hotel) and relaxing. We went to an awesome BBQ place, that was like fast food, but BBQ. SO GOOD!

The second day, we went into a briefing at 7 am, after having to be to the base at 6. Needless to say, we were up before 5 am. What a long day! After the briefing, we got to see the trainees run part of their morning run, and this was the first time we saw Nate. After that, they had a coin ceremony which is the part of the graduation where the trainee's receive the Airman's coin, and transition officially from trainee to Airman. After this, we were able to see Nate and spend the day with him on the base.

The second day at the base (third day of our trip) was the actual graduation. We got to see the Airmen swear in to the Airforce by taking the Oath. They also paraded in front of us and we got to see all of their flags and hear all of the Flights that graduated and they received a few awards. After that we were able to go see the barracks and then were allowed to go off base at noon to any part of the San Antonio area. I think (if I remember correctly) we went and took Nate to buy a phone, and then went to the hotel for the evening. It was mostly a relaxing day..... be continued.......

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