Thursday, August 19, 2010

Been a Long Time

Seems like life is moving by so so fast! It feels like years have passed since we started this blog. Since then we have had many trials and many feats. Angela is gone to school (miss you Ang, can't wait to see you next weekend!!!) Cecelia is getting married in 9 days (Yay!), and Jen and I have painted a wall in our new apartment (which looks amazing so far). But not one of us has written in this blog.

As I sit here, on a day off (of 2 pre-weekend days) I look at other blogs and wonder "why is ours so out of date?" Just because we have gone separate ways, that doesn't give an excuse for separating from the Fort. Each one of us has our own fort, but we don't have to forget where we started.

So, to bring back The Great Fort Rebellion, I say "Cheers!"

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