Sunday, January 24, 2010

Entering In

Hi! Last night I spent sometime in the fort just hanging with God, listening to music, and reading. It was definately a nice time alone... with God :) . The room was dark, the only light was from my laptop, i looked up and saw the clouds and the metalic paper stars on the ceiling.. i was thinking we really need the glow in the dark stars that were suggested..and kinda pictured what it was like back in the day, in the Bible, when all the 12 tribes of Israel encamped around the Tent of Meeting. Everyone has their place, their role. Everything in the Tabernacle was precise, had it's place. One of the songs that I listened/worshiped to was 'Take Me In' by Kutless.

Only a certain person was allowed to enter in, on a certain day. Those who entered in that weren't that person didn't make it out a live. They dropped dead, not that God killed them, only the theif comes to steal, kill, and destroy, God brings life (John 10:10). His presence, His Holiness.. demands pure obedience. God always desired a closer relationship with all of us, through His Son, Jesus, it's possible. No one comes to the Father except through Jesus. Through Jesus the curtain of the Temple was torn (from top to bottom, the details amaze me, God is so intricate and precise), allowing us ability to come into the Holy of Holies, to experience God. He wants us to enter in on a regular basis. He wants us to know Him. Really know Him.
It is my goal to live a life that is most pleasing, respectful, awe-filled, and filled with Him. To spend every moment in the presence of God; to have those quiet, our times, but to be in the presence of God everywhere... To enter in as often as possible...

{Happy Sunday}

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  1. wow. So cool you posted this. Last night at church the worship team did this song, and it totally broke me! This has been one of my favorite worship songs since I was little, and every time I hear it, I can feel the power of God on it. When it started last night, I tried to sing, but I couldn't and I got down on the floor to bow down and be alone with Jesus, and all of a sudden I started to weep. I have no clue why I was crying, but I was crying so hard that I couldn't keep my mouth closed and I was getting snot in my hair! I know its kind of gross, but it was a hard cry. It was such an awesome encounter with Jesus, like it was just him and me. He took me into the holy place and I realized that I want this every day! I realized that this is what I long for: to be with Jesus, where its just us and to encounter Him in a way that leaves me speechless.