Thursday, January 21, 2010

Throw it Off the Balcony Thursdays

Hey again! Here's my personal list of things I would like to throw off our apt. balcony:

1.) the Snow ( there is already snow on the balcony, but im getting tired of winter.. that would also be an awesome hideout for a snowball fight as well)
2.) burnt bagel (i put a bagel in the toaster and the dial was set too high, so when the toast came up all burnt, i threw it on the groooouuunnndd.. im not part of your system, you're burnt.. and the threw the toaster tooo... umokay.. not really.. i didn't throw the toaster, or the bagel.. but i feel like throwing it off the balcony.
3.) Pumpkins from the fall (they are still good, not rotting, i'm a little concerned.. an sick of them, it's no longer fall.. )
4.) Water balloons (it would just be fun :) )
5.) a Watermellon (same as above)

I guess that's i have, im in a pretty good mood this morning and don't have many things i would like to throw off the balcony.. but the day is not over so I may have a few to add.. and so may the other girls.
Have a good Thursday..

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, I still sing that song sometimes... There are just some things that need to be taken and thrown on the ground.